Soft Landing
+150 XP

> crashes a stolen hummer through a wall
> saves SF from the harpoon
> dives out, gun ready
> shoots the big bad in the throat

That’s it. Gotou is an honorary American.

Dear players,
What the fuck have you been doing this whole time? There’s a king over here waiting to fight you.

pls respond

final boss

P.S. I have a hot daughter you can marry if you defeat me

That was a hell of an episode.

Buy something or get off my lap.


No. It looks like you hate everything.

Also cocks.

This is up there with that Futurama episode where Leela got stung by the space bee and kept dreaming that Fry died.

<wtfaiw> you didn’t tell me this was hentai

Typical weekend.

It’s literally an epidemic.