Mio was pissed.

I love that Yoshika forgot to turn off badass mode after the s2 finale.

<wtfaiw>: oh look at that, strike witch movie is out
<wtfaiw>: so
<wtfaiw>: watching the raws and making up dialogue then?
<oponions>: haha
<oponions>: Don’t know if I’m weeaboo enough to watch a 90 minute movie unsubbed
<wtfaiw>: well I certainly am


Trailer for the Strike Witches movie.

Recently updated 3x3 favs grid, figured I’d toss it on here again.


The skies are empty, and Wednesdays are just another day of the week again. :(

Continuing my full rewatch of Season 2, the highlights from episode 3:

  1. Takei! Even though she didn’t do much, more witches are always welcome
  2. Flashback to the Neuroi-witch, even though she getting zapped
  3. Perrine weirding out the old witch (can’t help but laugh at that)
  4. The hnnggg-worthy eyecatch above
  5. …it wasn’t ep7?

Seriously, this was a pretty terrible episode, I was actually surprised they outdid themselves later on.

    My highlights from episode 2:

    1. The fleet engaging the Neuroi, even though it doesn’t work at all
    2. Yoshika’s mid-air launch from the top of the seaplane
    3. Shirley’s reaction to octopus
    4. Mio Major Badass jumping off the seaplane to attack with just her sword
    5. Yoshika being nearly shot down and spiraling toward the sea in a daze

    Upon rewatching I have one nitpick however. Sanya fired three salvos: first was four missiles, then five, and then four more. But the Fliegerhammer only has nine launch tubes. They made it all the way through the first season without screwing that up at least.

    Time to rewatch the completed season and pick out my favorite parts. Highlights of episode 1:

    1. 504th JFW with escort attempting to talk to the Neuroi witch
    2. Suwa Amaki’s shiny strikers sticking out of the bushes after her crash
    3. Mio forging her crazy glowing sword
    4. Lynne’s panicked voice over the radio
    5. The hangar crew being bros and helping Miyafuji steal Mio’s old strikers

    Strike Witches Season 3 cast!

    …If only. ;_;