Took you two years to figure that out?

Here’s a thought: let them land first? I mean, considering what your fancy new computer is capable of, it feels like you’re going out of your way to commit genocide. Not the best way to kick off your whole ”world peace” schtick.

Give her another episode or two, I doubt they’d wait until the finale to explain it all.

That poor tank.

Truly a beacon of maturity.

Chequita you need to stop.

I don’t even like curry but that looks delicious.

Shake it Bookman!

pew pew pew

mfw Jormungand is back

Hey look it’s me at work every time someone opens my door with a question.



Except, you know, those laws were written for AI’s that could understand them and in fact hardwired to obey them, so they don’t really apply to remote control drones with comparably simple scripted pseudo-autonomous functions… but hey who’s counting.